Public Speaking Workshop
Group (15 person maximum)
3-4 Hours

A master class for public speaking.

This three-hour workshop focuses on taking your public speaking skills to the next level. Working as a group, we will identify the key components of memorable presentations and refine the skills you already have.

Participants will be able to test their speaking abilities within the group and receive constructive feedback.

Start to finish presentation prep.

We'll brainstorm the topic and organize your content, then move on to refining your presentation style and rehearsing delivery.

This can be done in one three-hour session or two 90 minute sessions.

In-Depth Presentation Prep
3 Hours

Fine tuning.

You've already planned your talk but want to refine its structure and delivery for maximum effectivenss.

Presentation Polishing
90 minutes

Individual coaching tailed to target the areas you'd most like to develop. This can be anything from making presentations to giving interviews or introducing yourself at networking events.

Public Speaking
3 1-hour sessions

I am also available as a conference speaker and for on-site professional development training.

Please contact me directly for scheduling.